I am a director and screenwriter living in Paris.
I am passionate about modern or contemporary art and collect some artworks.
I shoot commercials films in France and abroad.
For a few years now, my work has focused around 3 themes; urban cars or natural landscapes films, comedies based on elegant artistic direction, and atmospheric films carried by the human who combine emotion and authenticity. I directed 3 short films, 2 feature films and won various awards.
My daughter is my first source of inspiration.

Gold Plaque at 35th Chicago International Film Festival USA.
Creativity Award at 36th Houston International Festival United States.
Best Narrative Feature Los Angeles Movie Awards
Best Director Los Angeles Movie Awards
Best Cinematography Los Angeles Movie Awards
Best Supporting Actress Los Angeles Movie Awards
Best Original Score Angeles Movie Awards
Best Film at the Vittorio Veneto Film Festival in Italy
Goldem Apple & Children’s Jury Main Prize – Czech Republic
Best Film at the Schlingel Film Festival – Germany
GrDF [Best film & 1st award of the digital operation Communication]
AXA [Best film Communication & 1st award in digital strategy]
Valeo [Sacem Award]